Exclusive brands

FICODIS offers four exclusive brands of specialty


Ficodis offers superior quality tools under its exclusive brands:

Cromson: A complete range of tools and maintenance products, cutting tools, abrasives, handling equipment, power transmission, woodwork products, and customized services.

Opsial: The specialist brand for personal protective equipment. It offers high-performance safety products that combine comfort, style, and technical expertise. It is a committed brand distributed in Europe by the Descours & Cabaud group.

Lion: A brand of expert fixing products for both industrial and residential/commercial construction. Lion’s ambition is to guarantee product quality and meet customer needs to offer the best value for money in the industry.

Ficodis also exclusively distributes Molydal through its network.

With its expertise, Molydal offers a range of products that meet all industrial requirements, providing technical solutions, analysis, and recommendations for industrial lubricants and lubrication systems.

Industrial supplies
Safety equipment
Industrial Lubrication Solutions
Fastening products

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